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The European Consumer Centre for Services is an advice service.  We are not able to offer help to resolve disputes with service providers and we do not have any enforcement powers. 

However we will provide you with detailed information to help you be sure that you are making an informed choice when purchasing goods and services in the EU.  We are primarily a pre-shopping service and can answer a variety of questions you may have, before you purchase goods and services.

We can help source the appropriate legislation that would cover you if there was a problem, with information on whether the trader requires licences or to be officially registered with any specific organisation plus much more.

Our leaflet

'Buying in the EU? - How we can help' will give you further detail of who we are, what we can do to assist you and brief information of what you can expect when shopping in the EU.

There are also a number of EU wide organisations that you may fine helpful.  Please follow the link below:

EU Wide Organisations


There are also many other UK organisations that may be able to assist consumers/busnesses.

Other UK Organisations

What you might need to ask?

Some examples of the questions that you may need to ask are below:

I am looking to book a holiday in France with a French company.  How do I know if I am covered if something goes wrong?  Is there an equivalent of ABTA in France that the company should be registered with?  If I book on line whose legislation am I covered by if something goes wrong?

I live in the UK and am having major building works done on my house.  I have heard that it can be reasonable to get quotes from builders in some other EU countries to come and do the work as it is a big project.  How would I find out if they were reputable, would they need be licensed to trade here in the UK, can they still give the appropriate certificates that may be needed here in the UK, whose laws would I be covered under?

I want to go on a Wine Tasting day in Italy while I am on holiday.  How do I find one that is reputable?  What should I be checking and looking out for to protect myself?

If you know the country you are interested in you can search by Country

If you know the type of Service provider that you need but are not sure in which country, you can search by Service

If you know both the Country and the Service you can search by both on our general page.

If you can’t find what you are looking for you can contact us directly and we will source the information you require

The European Consumer Centre for Services has available two free newsletters, 'The Portal' (for consumers) and 'The EU Source' (for professionals). The next editions of these will be issued soon. The aim of the newsletters is to provide a flavour of what the ECCS does, what type of enquiries we are receiving, news and how to contact us.  If you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter please complete the form on our subscription page. Once you have subscribed you will receive confirmation of your subscription and then you will receive the latest copy of our newsletter, with new ones being provided when they are released.


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The European Consumer Centre for Services is hosted by the Trading Standards Institute and funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.