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Where can I find out about my Air Passenger Rights


What righBackts do you have if your flight has been cancelled or your luggage has been lost or damaged, where do you stand? 

As a passenger you do have rights if your flight is delayed or cancelled.  Regulation EU 261/2004 describes what airlines must provide their passengers in the event that a flight is delayed or cancelled.  

You do need to be aware that those rights will vary depending on your circumstances and whether you are travelling with an EU carrier or a non-EU carrier.

It is always wise to be aware of your rights in advance in case there is an issue whilst travelling.  Airlines are obliged to make details of your rights available to you.  You may find that they are in the airlines terms and conditions or on a separate sheet that this handed to you when you check in.

Full information on Your Passenger Rights can be found on the following links:

Your Europe - Passenger Rights

The UK European Consumer Centre 

Your Passenger Rights at Hand

CAA - Civil Aviation Authority

Where ever you reside in the EU there is a body that enforces You Air Passenger Rights. Find out who you should contact.

Don't know how to write your complaint? Use Air Passenger EU COMPLAINT FORM

Alternatively contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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