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National Consumer Agency

BackThe National Consumer Agency (NCA) is a statutory body established by the Irish Government in May 2007. It aims to defend consumer interests in Ireland.

The Government has given the NCA a very strong mandate to defend and promote consumer rights through:

-Forceful advocacy, targeted research, consumer information, education, and awareness programmes
-The systematic enforcement of consumer law

The Agency was established by the Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment in response to the publication of a 2005 report by the Consumer Strategy Group entitled: Make Consumers Count. This identified important deficiencies in the protection and promotion of consumer rights in Ireland.

The NCA:

-Represents the voice of the consumer
-Enforces consumer legislation
-Defends consumer interests at the highest levels of national and local decision-making

National Consumer Agency
4 Harcourt Road
Dublin 2

Funded by BIS

The European Consumer Centre for Services is hosted by the Trading Standards Institute and funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.