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Is Gibraltar part of the EU?

Gibraltar has a special relationship with the European Community, which is different from any other overseas territory of a member state.  Under the Treaty of Rome 1973 and the UK Act of Accession of the same year, Gibraltar was classified as a dependent territory of the United Kingdom. Although Gibraltar has its own Parliament which is responsible for passing legislation, including European Community Directives, the UK Government is responsible for Gibraltar's foreign affairs, including their relationships within the European Union.


The Government of Gibraltar Information Services has a Department of Consumer Affairs.  The Department of Consumer Affairs will be able to assist you with complaints you may have against local Traders and Companies offering goods or services.  The link can be accessed on  The Government of Gibraltar Information Services also has a gambling section on


Also Financial Services in Gibraltar are regulated by The Financial Services Commission (FSC).  The Commission is a statutory body corporate established by the Financial Services Commission Ordinance, 1989.  It consists of the Commissioner, as Chairman, and seven other persons, four of whom shall have relevant experience in the United Kingdom and three of whom shall have relevant experience in Gibraltar.  The FSC can be accessed on


Should consumers based in Gibraltar have an issue with goods or services that they have purchased in another EU member state they can contact the UK European Consumer Centre.The UK ECC is part of the ECC-Net, they are a free and impartial service who offer advice and in some cases may be able to contact the trader on your behalf.  They are co-funded by the European Commission and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, and hosted by the Trading Standards Institute.


Their contact details are;



Tel: 01268 886690



Funded by BIS

The European Consumer Centre for Services is hosted by the Trading Standards Institute and funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.