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Chamber for Workers and Employees in Austria (Portal der Arbeiterkammern)


The Chamber of Workers and Employees, represents the interests of 3 million employees and consumers in Austria. There are offices in each of the 9 districts in Austria. They protect the rights of employed people, however also actively participate in consumer protection issues.

The Chamber offers a wide range of services to their members. The Chambers' experts provide information and advice on different issues such as employment law, social insurance, tax law, women's and family policy, worker protection, the protection of apprentices and young workers, unemployment insurance, and consumer protection.

In employment-law disputes between employees and employers the Chambers provide legal assistance ranging from verbal or written interventions with employers to free representation of employees before the Labour and Social tribunal. Education and culture are another main area of the Chambers' service activities. They provide considerable sums of money for education, vocational training and further education as well as the training of officials in the labor movement, and organize exhibitions, film screenings, theatre performances and concerts.

Chamber for Workers and Employees in Austria (Portal der Arbeiterkammern)

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