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Association of Consumer Organisations in Slovakia

BackThe Association of Consumer Organisations in Slovakia was formed in 1999 and consists of nine member associations and 19 consumer school clubs. Its main activities are consumer information and education with a particular focus on young consumers. Financial services, sustainable consumption and energy regulation will mobilise ACOS' campaign and policy resources in 2007.

The main aim of the association´s activities is to help the citizens to protect their consumer rights and interests. The association advises consumers how to claim their citizen rights, which are accepted by the United Nations Organisation as the international consumer rights.

Main activities:
- information, education and consumer support (consumers rights and responsibilities),
- counselling and consumer information by cooperation with state and regional media,
- pre-shopping advice,
- consumer support in actions in front of the court,
- school administration, organises seminars, trainings and conferences ,
- educates the pupils at schools and cooperates with the Ministry of Education SR in the process of integrating consumer education into the curriculum
- specialist conductions and preparation for teachers in consumer education in schools
- leads the consumer clubs for young consumers in elementary and secondary school and high schools
- organises of the international competition for young consumers “Consumption for life”
- coordination and distribution of the student diary “Wise Choice?”, which is edited by the support and assistance of the European Committee in the 25 member states in the EU,
- cooperates with the Members of Parliament and ministries in notices, regulations and law making process concerned to the consumer rights, gives an opinion on the proposal of consumer regulation,
- publishes leaflets, brochures, methodical materials for teachers, year-books and magazines,
- support of interest of the Slovakian consumers in the Advisory Committee for European Consumers in Brussels
- cooperates with the citizen´s organizations at home and abroad, realises many regional, national and international activities.

Association of Consumer Organizations in Slovakia
Poprad 6
06401 Old Lubovna

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