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Welcome to The European Consumer Centre for Services

The European Consumer Centre for Services has been set up to assist consumers to make informed choices when looking to buy services across Europe. We want you to be more confident and find it easier to choose a new and unfamiliar service provider.  For advice or to make a complaint please contact us on 01268 886694 or email

The European Consumer Centre for Services provides general information on consumer laws and rights when buying goods and services in another EU member state, as well as contact details for organisations that could provide practical assistance in the case of a dispute.

What we can help you with:

  • Know what to check for before buying services
  • Know what your legal rights would be if there was a problem
  • Agencies that you can contact if you need further assistance
  • Be here for you if you need further help
  • Find out information by COUNTRY
  • Find out information by SERVICE

Problems shopping online?  Let us know your experience -

Have you encountered any difficulties when shopping online because of your nationality or country of residence?

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Funded by BIS

The European Consumer Centre for Services is hosted by the Trading Standards Institute and funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.